Contact The Psycho

A blue button with the words contact the psycho under a white envelopeIn the first version of Psychosgamers I had included a contact email address. After a month or so, it proved to be one of the biggest mistakes I had made while I was building the website. And the reason was I got spammed daily, and I do mean daily by dozens of emails from internet marketing, clothes, shoes, drugs, luxury items, jewlery companies.

But I got wiser after that experience. This time I will NOT include an email address here. Of course those companies doesnt mean that they dodnt leave me messages in some of the pages. But that is more preferable because I sort them out very easily as spam,  I delete them and block their IP  immediately. I will find a more secure way for my readers to contact me.

So until I find that secure way and you have a serious proposition, idea, opinion of any kind, please dont hesitate to leave me a message as a comment in any of the game review pages and I will contact you back as soon as possible if it is needed. I moderate all the comments before they are approved so your message will not be published if you do not want to. Furthermore do not include any urls cause your message will be flagged as spam.  Now you have another reason to hate the garbage of the internet, the spammers.

Thank you for your understanding.

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