Beat Hazard Review

Beat Hazard review

The Perfect Way To Destroy Your Eyes Or…

Welcome everyone to the Beat Hazard Review. But can someone actually have fun with this game ? Beat Hazard was developed by Cold Beam Games,  an independent company, and the idea behind it is pretty simple. You get a spaceship in a 2D enviroment which can fly all over the screen firing a bunch of weapons at the same time, while trying to hit a gazillion of enemy spacecrafts, wave after wave, coming from ALL directions.

You can pick up power ups making the whole battle easier and help you defeat the final boss. The odds arent even. Everything is against the player. There are enemies firing at the player from everywhere and I mean from everywhere in the screen. Yet a narrow path almost invisible to the untrained eye is there to help the player get out of the dire situation.


Now the basic idea is pretty popular and old, its not something new. I ve been playing that kind of games since I was 13 years old. Probably most of you have played something similar. What makes Beat Hazard different is that music defines your gameplay. Music brings to life the whole game. The more intense the beat of the song is the more challenging the game becomes. Check the next page to see what I mean.


  1. cheapo cheapo

    old school gaming, so many good memories

  2. how come i ve never heard of this game before?

  3. I’m gone to inform my little brother, that he should also visit this website on regular

  4. great way to get a headache or worse

    • PsychoMegarian

      with reduced to minimum the visual settings and playing conservatively you will be fine, unless u are epiliptic then u already know this game will cause a seizure.

  5. ok this game is daaaangerous. if you had on the past any weird headaches, migraines or something stay away from it…. otherwise it is really a freaking great game

    • PsychoMegarian

      yes you have to be careful with all those flashes and special fx…they can really mess you up…put everything to minimun and you will be fine..i hope

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