Life In Bunker Review

Is Life in Bunker An Uncut Gem Or A Piece Of Garbage

life in bunker review

Hello everyone and welcome to the Life In Bunker Review. Life in Bunker is a bunker building and management simulator. It was developed and published by the independent Flox Studios.

The player starts as the new warden. He/she takes control of the bunker where a group of people already are sheltered. The reason of them being enclosed in this underground facility is a nuclear catastrophe. It isnt explained why this happened or what is the extent of this devastation. What the game tells the player is that the surface world is not survivable right now.

So the objective of the game is to make sure enough people survive for 2-3 centuries until the doors automatically open and the people can visit the surface again. The task is not an easy one because living in a bunker is more difficult than most people think and know. People are not supposed to live under the surface and doing so is very challenging. Ok let me waste no more time and begin the actual Life In Bunker Review.


  1. MasterPsycho

    Thank you everyone for visiting and commenting. Sorry for the late approval of your comments.

  2. Is this the shortest review you have ever written? WOW !!!

  3. I have to agree with you. Not the best bunker game but like you said it has so much potential. You think they rushed it?

  4. i totally agree with you
    it has so much potential
    i hope the devs will not give up
    believing its a lost cause and go
    make something else

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