Sheltered Review

Sheltered review


What Is Sheltered ? A Strategy Game ? A Bunker Simulator? A Crisis Management Simulator?  

Why You Should Bother Anyway?


Welcome everyone to the Sheltered review. A bunker management video game developed by Unicube and Team 17 Digital and published by Team 17 Digital. I call it bunker management but the actual genre the game belongs to is real time strategy games,  (or the indie video games). The back story of Sheltered is pretty simple. Humans fucked it up and after a nuclear apocalyptic event the whole world goes to shit. Humans fucked it up, what a shocker !!!

A family for whatever reason had a bunker ready waiting for them with some provisions. The game starts with the family the players created occupying the bunker. In this game family comes first. No matter what, all the family members or at least one of them needs to survive. The shelter at the beginning of the game isnt at the best condition. It is small, unmaintained and the resources available to the family are very limited. So they need to scavenge for materials, resources, tools, parts you name it. If you ask me they were pretty much unprepared.

The dangers the family has to face are so many. Hunger, thirst, radiation poisoning, wild animals, other humans. Those are the physical dangers, but living in a bunker isnt so glamorous and romantic as the movies appear it to be. Living underground in confined quarters, away from the sun has its own challenges. Stress, claustrophobia, loneliness, boredom and whatever can cause a human mind lose control when it is under the surface.

The object of the game is to survive for as long as possible. There is no end game in Sheltered. I am not kidding. You may think that surviving for days, weeks, months isnt very challenging, but I had to restart 2 times until I got it down. The game is challenging and surviving in the long run can be difficult. The players need to make the bunker a habitable place. They need to make it feel like home. They need to improve, expand, maintain, clean, repair and eventually protect the bunker if they want to succeed.


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