The Banner Saga 2 Review

 banner saga 2 review


Is Banner Saga 2 A Worthy Successor Of The First Game Or You Should Avoid It?


Welcome everyone to The Banner Saga 2 Review. The Banner Saga 2 was developed by the indie video game development studio Stoic, a three-man team. The Banner Saga 2 is the second part of the Banner Saga trilogy, a beautiful 2D hand drawn turn based strategy video game. The developers have said in the past, they wanted to create a mature video game with an adult story similar to the one in the Game Of Thrones and Black Company books.

The Banner Saga video game series is a story where it welcomes the player to make some really hard choices. The player many times decides who dies and who lives although it isnt always easy to tell since it happens unexpectadly . And those who get to live how they are going to survive in the future? During your journey you will meet new people. Are they allies or enemies? If they are temporary allies will you let them come along? Will the supplies be enough fo everyone or you will all starve? Then there are the other random people you will also meet who dont care at all to join you but they need help. Will you help them or not? When you help them will they give you a reward or just a pat in the back? And what if they are not what they seem to be?

Before I continue with the actual Banner Saga 2 Review let me write a few words about the story of the series. The first game was a story about the coming of the Dredge. A warlike race, laying destruction to human and Varl cities on their marching. Tremors shake the earth because a colossal serpent emerges from its slumber. What was the reason for its appearance noone knows. The game continues with the upcoming war with the Dredge and them chasing a bunch of people, laying sieges to towns, raising to the ground villages and things like that. The Banner Saga 2 picks up after the final battle with the leader of the Dredge, Bellower. Now the wandering caravan continues running towards the human capital, being pursued by the unstoppable Dredge horde. There is no time to enjoy the scenery since the Dredge are everywhere. The moment they think they left them behind them, the caravan needs to fight them again. Its a chase of a cat and a mouse. A deadly game that is. Difficult choices need to be made and the caravan faces starvation, exhaustion and death in every step they take.


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  2. I think the dredge were some of the hostile creatures in guild wars 2.

  3. Good review, you are right, it could use some improvements. I hope the third one will be their best.

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    beautiful game….very beautiful game
    beautiful site i like the changes

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