Mass Effect Trilogy

 Mass Effect 1 Review

Mass Effect 1 Review

Mass Effect 2 action rpg

Mass Effect 2 Review


Mass Effect 3 Review

Mass Effect 3 Review



  1. PsychoMegarian

    Mass Effect 3 Review picture added. Really sorry for the inconvinience

  2. he has already written the review but probably he forgot to put a picture leading to it. if you check the dropdown menu u will see a link to the review

  3. more psycho than u

    dude seriously u have to add the mass effect 3 review
    i mean come on the game has been released since…2012
    when r u gonna write it? i ve read other reviews , i ve played the game
    im just interested in ur opinion

  4. It’s like you are in my head! You seem to totally understand the gaming consept

  5. I hope it wont take them that long to come up with another masterpiece series like Mass effect trilogy was. Well yeah it had some bad parts but come one dont tell me you didnt spend more than 100 hours of gameplay on all 3 parts of the series.

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