Mass Effect 2 Review

Mass Effect 2 review

A Great Sequel To The Mass Effect Action Rpg Series…Or…Another Dissapointment ?

Welcome and thank you for joining me in the Mass Effect 2 Review and the continuation of the Mass Effect Trilogy. Let’s say that you just finished a fantastic game and you want more of it so you go around the net you search for a bit and there is a second part of the story. You get really excited so you get the game. You start playing and guess what the sequel is , I will be polite here, horrible, awful, … and you get totally disappointed.


There is a third situation where you play an epic game, which turns out to be a lifetime experience and then you get the sequel and you are so happy that you almost shit in your shorts !!! And it didn’t only met your expectations but it surpassed them, additionally the experience was even better than the first game. This is the category where Mass Effect belongs .

Before I start I have to confess something. If you check in my profile you will read about the part of my life as a gamer. I know I say that I stopped playing one game after another and nowadays occasionally I play games and there are periods I do not touch a game for more than 2-3 months. Although it is absolutely true I broke this habit with this series of games.

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The Mass Effect series offers QUALITY !!!! Like I said in the Mass Effect 1 Review the story or the scenario if you want, was the part of the game that blew my mind away (apart from everything else of course).

I ‘ve tried really hard while writing this review not to reveal so much information so that it would spoil all the fun for the other gamers. I want the people to see the game through my eyes but I have to be careful what to write. You have no idea how many times I wrote and deleted huge blocks of text because my enthusiasm and love for this game kicked in and I started writing a novel revealing every little thing about this game.


Let’s begin, there is so much to cover.

In Mass Effect 1 although the story its self was extraordinary if you really followed it and you didn’t just played the game like any other fps ( first person shooter) or tps (third person shooter) then it is certain that you finished the game with more questions than the time you started it.

So Mass Effect 2 comes to fill in all those gaps. Questions will be answered, truths and secrets will be unveiled and there are so many of them.
The story continues 2 years after the previous ,galactic scale events . And this is where the great minds of the script writers came into play.


mass effect 2 rpg

It is like entering a whole new world. Many, many I mean MANY things have changed. After the first cinematic I knew I would swim in awesomeness . And the more I continued playing the more surprised I became. Several events happened that changed the lives of everyone you knew, crew mates, companions and also the rest of the galaxy. There were times that I was screaming with excitement (not like a girl but like a MAN ) and there were times that I was holding my head with my hands shouting “YOU’ VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME” , “THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR MY BRAIN”, “THIS IS NOT HAPPENING”…. and things like that.

Of course you are facing a new enemy a new threat and they are really tough I tell you. But are they actually a new enemy? Do not ask me I won’t tell you just play the game. The thing that I WILL tell you is that what you see it is not what you think you see. If you think something is white well maybe it is actually black. Most of the things you thought you knew and took for granted whether do not exist anymore or they are just heavily altered. Confused? I know !!! Maybe I am the one who can’t explained it very well because it is more complex than you think.

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