Mass Effect 3 Review

 Mass Effect 3 review


Is Mass Effect 3 The Perfect Ending Or A Big Fuck You To The Fans


Welcome everyone to the Mass Effect 3 Review and the final chapter of the successful Mass Effect Trilogy developed by Bioware and published by Electronic Arts. It was anticipated by all the fans of the series and very quickly became a great success. When a great story comes to an end it becomes very dramatic with lots of action and adrenaline pumping most of the time.

Mass Effect 3 Wallpaper LegionAt Mass Effect 1 the galactic alliance had to deal with the Geth, a synthetic lifeform fighting for a place in the galaxy and their lives but choosing the wrong allies to help them. The Geth seem like they are the bad guys of the story but they are merely tools of an immensely strong enemy lurking in the shadows, the Reapers.

At Mass Effect 2 whole human colonies are dissapearing without a sign of battle. After a lot of research Shepard and his team discover a new enemy consisted of a race never seen before. They are technologically and biologically advanced, strong, deadly. Their name they were given, Collectors. The Collectors are just another tool of the Reapers. Battle after battle, Shepard manages to discover why human colonies are targeted and where the Collector base/dreadnought spaceship is hiding. A suicide mission is planned in order to save the abducted humans and the Normandy crew members. 

At Mass Effect 3 the Reapers are making their final assault. After staying in the shadows for far too long they started the extermination cycle of the sentient species. One of the planets being attacked is Earth. With a blitzkrieg attack the alliance defences are almost completely destroyed and the planet is heavely damaged and many millions of people died. Shepard in a last desperate attempt to save the human homeworld gathers his team, and travels all over the galaxy in order to rally all the races and make a final push against the only enemy capable of wiping out the whole galaxy of organic life. The challenges are many, the obstacles even more and so many battles have to be faught even before arrive at Earth. The journey is so exciting, interesting, compelling, emotional and long … and more than likely it will satisfy most of the video game players out there.



  1. great game, bad ending
    great site..but still the ending was bad

  2. Very well written and a wealth of information ! Good job keep it up !!!

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