Mass Effect Romance

Mass Effect romance Welcome everyone to the Mass Effect Romance article. Whether most of us will admit it or not we adore hot women in video games. We even drull or jerk off . Women in video games were meant to be hot, period. Developers just use the tricks of mother nature. If you are attractive, you will get laid way more often than the rest of the non attractive individuals . Thats how it is, nature’s rules.  Beautiful people or other races (in the case of Mass Effect) in video games will make gamers want to play more or seek out a video game just to get horny. Hey dont you even dare to judge, thats their thing.  Now some of us like something different to get a good hard on. Some of us want diversity. So hot weird looking aliens is our thing. Even though we know they are not real, how they look  is what makes us horny. Ok enough with the introduction lets see the romance options in the Mass Effect trilogy.


Romance Choices For Boys In Mass Effect 1 


  In Mass Effect 1 unfortunately you do not have many girls to choose from. You can get involved in heterosexual or xenophilic relationship. Your choices are only 2 girls. The human Ashley Williams or the asari  Liara Tsoni . Both of them are fine looking women. They are absolutely gorgeous.   AshleyOn one hand we have Ashley. A woman from a family with military tradition, she is an excellent warrior and really professional with her relationships when it comes to superior officers like Commander Shepard. Meaning that if you want a relationship with her you have to work a little bit hard. She is really defensive and she doesn’t talk about her self or her past very often. Even when you tell her to relax and leave those militaristic ways aside and keep them only for the battlefield her answer is ” I am sorry sir my training doesn’t allow me not to follow the protocol and get in a more personal relationship with a commanding officer. And if you insist I will have to relieve you off your duties, arrest you and then file a report ” . For heaven’s glory woman just take a break in your life once in a while. But this hard to get thing is what it makes it fun. She is really sensitive underneath the hard shell.

Mass Effect Asari LiaraOn the other hand you have Liara Tsoni. She is an asari meaning she is the most beautiful alien race you will ever find in a game. Asaris are only females, you won’t find any male asari. If you are thinking right now how they reproduce that is another matter and not relevant to this lens. They can live more than a 1000 years and Liara right now is 106 years old. Meaning she is still a teenager and a virgin. That’s why she is cautious but no so defensive like Ashley. She is a scientist that’s why she is interested in how human relationship work. She is not afraid to express her feelings and she is not hard to get…. but you have to be patient with her. She tells you she likes you but she needs time, remember she is a virgin.

When I played Mass Effect 1 the only girl I could get in to a relationship with was Ashley. Whenever I tried to talk to Liara in the ship the game crashed. This stupid bug did not let me to get involved with Liara..who I liked much much much more than any other girl.

In the Citadel there is an asari Consort (actually she is a brothel madam)  where you can help her with her troubles and then in return she will give you, your ….”reward” . But then forget the rest of the girls.

If you won’t get involved in any kind of relationship before the major battle you will sleep alone…and there is a video you should definitely watch. It’s up to you. Remember romances do not affect the story line but they add some spice in your game !!!

Mass Effect 1 Romance Choices For Girls

I will try to describe these choices the best way I can considering that I did not play with a female character. So this module will be based on the experience’s of other people. But try to have an open mind ok?

There are 2 choices for the ladies available. One is Kaidan Alenko and the other Liara Tsoni. Yup you read it right. I told you to keep an open mind and you shouldn’t be confused. As I have already said there are no male asaris so Liara getting involved with a woman is only natural.

kaidan alenko mass effect 1 wallpaperKaidan is a human lieutenant who uses biotics, that is special powers. He wasn’t the most useful teammate to me, maybe he will be for you. He is a good officer and most of the times he won’t have a problem talking about his past. He is always caring for others, polite and faithful. Sorry I can’t tell you more about Kaidan.

For Liara nothing changes really, getting involved with a female is natual and normal to her.


Do not try to play both sides. That goes for boys and girls. You can’t have 2 affairs at the same time. If you go too far with 2 possible lovers you will end up choosing between them. I didn’t have to do that because of a stupid game bug, where game crashed when I was trying to talk to Liara. So make your choice wisely and work your way to her/his heart.



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