The Technomancer Review

the technomancer review

Is The Technomancer A Memorable Action Rpg Or Just Another Mediocre Video Game?


Welcome everyone to The Technomancer Review. The Technomancer was developed by Spiders Studios and published by Focus Home Interactive. It is a science fiction rpg taking place on the terraformed and colonized planet Mars. It is a place of wonders. It is a place of death. It is a place of turmoil. It is a place of new beginnings. It is a place where the occupation defines the surname. It is a place where slavery and prejudice are parts of the daily life. It is a place of unique and unseen before plants and animals. It is Mars, the home of the Technomancers.

The players start at the dome-city of Ophir, part of the Abundance Corporation, and take the role of a mage warrior, known as a Technomancer. The Technomancers can use the destructive power of electricity at their own will. The story begins with young Zachariah, one of the fearsome Technomancers. Zachariah takes his last test so he can finally enter the elite ranks of the orders of the Technomancers. Unfortunately Zachariah as an elite and very deadly warrior doesn’t have enough time to celebrate his new achievement. Mars for decades is plagued with endless wars (what a shocker, humans=wars) and the orders of the Technomancers from various dome-cities have played a significant role in the outcome of the battles. Apart from the ongoing war with the Aurora Corporation, a revolution has began within the dome-city of Ophir.


Some citizens unable to tolerate the totalitarian, oppressive, manipulative government took arms and are trying to overthrow their oppressors. Zach as an elite soldier is called to take action against them. Fortunately he hasn’t forgot the teachings of his wise and intelligent teachers/masters. He was taught the value of life, he was taught force and violence are not the only ways to deal with every situation, in the contrary kindness, understanding and an open mind will take him much further. Unfortunately that kind of thinking is a huge contradiction with the unquestionable and absolute orders he gets from his superiors. What he will do depends entirely from the player.

Since it is a role playing game it is designed in such a way, that Zach will have to face one difficult choice after the other. He will have to embark in a journey filled with treachery, violence, death, compromises, problems, secrets but also filled with friendship, alliances, romance, revelations. It is a mature game that teaches some very good life lessons.


  1. as always a very detailed review.
    I really like the new system of grading
    I ve read an article on metacritic about how the reviewing scores affect negatively the video games industry.

  2. A very grim setting thats for sure, in the game I mean. I read your reviews because I enjoy them. On the other hand they come out way too late, so most of the times I have already played the games. About the technomancer, I totally agree with you about the game being a running simulator than anything else. It almost drove me nuts. I wanted to refund it after I had played for 4 hours. I dont know why I continued playing. But it was a fun game.

  3. It wasnt a bad game. People complain because are fucking slaves and they believe what they show and tell them. The game was overhyped and if you havent already learned to identify those games then you are nothing but a moron and you deserve the dissapointment. I played it, I had fun and I sold it to another kid for 70% of the original price, not a bad deal at all.

  4. Enjoyable review as always my dear psycho !!!
    Also Thanks for the backstory. Why the morons didnt bother explaining some basic info in the beggining of the game?

  5. To answer your tite question, the game is mediocre. And I will remember it this way.

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