Crysis 2 Review

Crysis 2 review

Is Crysis 2 Another Shitty First Person Shooter?

Welcome to the Crysis 2 review. Crysis 2 is a first person shooter (fps) video game. Actually it belongs to a fps subcategory : Stealth games. I will explain later why. It is available for Pc, Xbox and PS3. It was developed by Crytek and published by Electronics Arts (EA) on March 2011. Crytek promised to the gaming world the most visually stunning video game ever made. Bold words, really bold. Did they do it?

The favorable reviews claim they did it. The happy crying gamers say they did it. I say I do not know !!! Hey do not get me wrong the game visually is absolutely amazing, but there are more things to check before I decide that a game deserves my praise. Ok let’s delay no more.

I will start this review with a really unorthodox way. Here I go.

I hate stealth video games. I hate them with all my essence. They have nothing to do with reality nor they can even approach it. First of all the player has no peripheral vision which has played such an important role for our survival. Second of all the developers fail every time to replicate the sounds from the surrounding environment. Every time in the past I ve tried to play a stealth game I ended up smashing the keyboard or mouse because I had to play the same mission like 30 times. Some people may say “hey idiot do not accuse the game for your incompetence”. Oh really, you think? Lets assume, it may be true. I ve never said I am the best player ever lived. All I want from a game is some freaking realism that’s all. I wanna hear and see everything I would hear and see in a similar situation. Is it that hard? I am asking too much? Apparently yes, and it is understandable the technology needed isn’t available yet.

So for another time you may ask “ So why you bleeding moron are you making a review for this game since you hate stealth games? “ I will answer to those polite fellows…firstly piss off and secondly because it has something different to offer than the usual fps / stealth games. Keep reading please you will discover why.


  1. You must spend a lot of time writing these kind of posts on your website. They sure look like it.

  2. stealthy killer

    wonderful game

  3. are some of the bad features your own dislikes? cause you make the game sound really bad

    • MasterPsycho

      I write the reviews according to how –> I <-- experience the game. If i dont or do like something i just say it. Everyone can point out the BIG good and bad features of a game..its no brainer......BUT very few people can and will point out the little , irritating things that can ruin a gameplay. Thats why i started this site cause there was always something missing from other reviews. And did i write something , it was NOT trrue? Someone doesnt need sharp eyes to see the moon during the night, but he does need a sharp vision to see the ants working at night.

  4. katrinaruski

    bookmarked !!!

  5. im ur stalker

    I think I had a hard on everytime I heard ”cloak engaged”

  6. helen-pls-die

    I wonder if the suit is a blessing or a curse to its wearer !?!?

  7. PsychoMegarian

    thank you all for your kind words

  8. this game really rocks
    and your review is really detailed and with great photos

  9. Me thinks u make good reviews me thinks now time for WAAARGHHHH !!!!

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