Dishonored Review

Dishonored Review

Is Dishonored Just Another Annoying First Person Stealth Video Game?

Welcome everyone to the Dishonored review. I remember myself saying in the Crysis 2 review that I hate stealth video games. And yet here I am reviewing another stealth PC video game. But why I keep doing that?

I don’t lie when I say that I hate with all my essence playing as a stealthy character BUT I WILL NOT CONDEMN A BRILLIANT VIDEO GAME BECAUSE I PREFER A DIFFERENT PLAYSTYLE (well, most of the times I will not).

Dishonored has something different to offer that’s why I played it and managed to finish it. It kept me interested enough, no that’s the wrong way to say it. I WANTED TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. It offers quality, it offers something new that I (personally) have never seen before.

If you like stealth games then this will be a blast for you. If you like shooting living things then this game will not disappoint you either. That’s the beauty of this game, it welcomes everybody. It merges two different play styles into one wonderful experience.

Dishonored Wanted PosterSome critics say that the developers couldn’t make up their mind. They couldn’t decide if they wanted a pure stealth game or a pure action game. I don’t know what they were thinking, all it matters is the result. Why make a game that fanatically focuses in one game genre or the other and not make a combination? Why discourage a particular group of players (and have low product sales) and not invite them to try and admire this beautiful game (and maximize product sales). Nowadays most of the video games have elements and aspects from many different game genres which is confusing and someone cannot even categorize them to one particular genre.

Maybe that’s the way video game companies decided they will survive and maximize their profits.

In this game you will find everything. A good dark story with many twists although sometimes it gets really predictable, maybe I have played too many video games, maybe I have watched too many movies, maybe I have read too many books so not many things surprise me anymore. Magic powers and unearthly beings, assassinations, weird steampunk technologies, political games, hunger for power and many other plot feeders.

A Few Things About The Story

Let me say a few basic things about the whole setting of the game while trying not to spoil anything for the rest of the people who haven’t played Dishonored yet.

Dishonored is a stealth first person video game developed by Arcane studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Our story takes place in a fictional world which if you really pay attention you will see that it is a mixture of different eras (political, architectural, technological) of the human history.

Dishonored weepersThe place we are visiting is the capital of the empire, a beautiful, magnificent city named Dunwall. The designers modeled the city while having in their minds how the cities of Edimburgh and London looked like during 1800-1900. Our hero Corvo Attano, serves as the royal bodyguard to the Empress Jessamine Kaldwin.

He has just returned from a mission under the orders of the empress only to find himself locked in a dungeon cell for the murder of the empress. Of course Corvo was framed but with the help of a friend he manages to escape and seek salvation from this torture. Meaning to clear his name and avenge his beloved empress Jessamine. He has a long way to go thats for sure. He will find friends in unexpected places and situations and of course he will become the number one wanted criminal of the empire.

I cant and wont say much more about all the things I love about this video game, I explain everything in the next page so I would only repeat myself and bored you to death.


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  4. gorgeus game really gory

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    I frequently read your blog admin and I find it very interesting. Thought it was about time to tell you truly great work

  6. this game gave me nightmares with those fucking rats

  7. nothing enraged me more than those snake friends wanted to help corvo restore his name

  8. Stubbmled accross your blog and decided to have a very quick study, not what I usually do, but I found this blog excellent. Great to see a web site that has great content, and actually makes some sense. Anyway, great write up.

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  11. dishonored 2? anyone?

  12. petite femme

    Too much reading. I want a video instead.

  13. rat attacks are the best, kind of unrealistic, but still the best

  14. I wish I had his powers !!! I would literally paved the streets with the filth of this world. Oh wait, if I had Corvo’s powers bodies would dissapear, so nevermind. I would be so happy !

    • PsychoMegarian

      I hear ya Sandra I would do the same and I am not even ashamed to admit it. The whole planet would become a slaughterhouse

  15. Dont forget the linear levels. Dont get me rong the game is awesome I enjoyed it as much as anyone else but it would be even greater if it was an open world game

  16. I played this game after I d read this review and you were so right. I can I also add that I wasnt really surpsised with the ending of the game.

  17. facking rats, I hate them so much. I love the designing of the site good job Psycho megarian

  18. psycho and the rest of the people have covered pretty much everything. i just wanted to say i appreciate you took the time to write the review. good job

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  20. Brilliant game, if the player has some dark imgination there are so many sick ways for combo kills.

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