Battlefleet Gothic Armada Review

battlefleet gothic armada review


Welcome everyone to the Battlefleet Gothic Armada review. Battlefleet Gothic Armada is a real time strategy video game in space, developed by Tindalos Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive. The setting of the game is the magnificently scary universe of the never ending war, Warhammer 40K. It is an adaptation of the classic tabletop game from Game’s Workshop, something I didnt know existed. The players will have to fight brutal space battles pitting the Imperium of Man, the greenskins and especially the Orks, the Eldar and the Chaos.

The basic idea of the story is the same and it will be no surprise to the dedicated fans of the Warhammer 40K universe. For ANOTHER time the Imperium of Man is under attack, because you know, everybody is jealous and want to hurt this magnificent species for no reason. They have never provoked and hurt anyone in the past (reminds you someone on planet Earth…?). Anyway I digress. The players take the role of an admiral (after he was tortured extensively because he warned them of an imminent threat…seriously wtf ??? ). As a new admiral the players have to lead their new fleet of spaceships to battle. The Chaos, the closest and REAL thing humans will ever know to demons, are attacking Imperium space stations and fleets. Of course the Imperium cant just stand there twinkling their thumbs. The story campaign covers the starting events of what is going to be a 20 year war between the Imperium and the Chaos, known as the 12th Black Crusade.




  1. MasterPsycho

    thank you everyone for visiting and commenting

  2. miguelsolito

    i am glad I found your site, I was really struggling wether to buy the game or not. thank you for making everything clearer

  3. ___Nickie___

    Man seriously you are tearing it apart. Have some sympathy and mercy. Remind me not to make any mistakes when I will make a video game. But on the other hand no one can blame you for doing halfassed reviews. Great game and great review. Job well done.

    • MasterPsycho

      sympathy? mercy? what are those? just kidding….yeah sometimes it feels i m overdoing it, but i cant tone it down since a reviewer is obligated to be honest and direct. i just describe everything the way i experience it, thats all.

  4. I can really agree and relate with most of the bad features as you call them. But I am going to disagree with the stupid hard…feature. I didnt find it very hard. Most of the missions were normal to me and I was playing at hard difficulty. Maybe it was the composition of your fleet that made things hard. The game kept reminding the players the exact thing I described.And dont forget the Imperium doesnt have the fastest ships. Their ships are at third place considering their speed.

  5. another great review, was this one shorter than usual or is it just me?

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