Carrier Command Gaea Mission Review

 carrier command gaea mission review

 RTS,  Simulator Or FPS ? Why The Devs Cant Decide?


 Welcome everyone to the Carrier Command Gaea Mission Review. So to answer the above question, why not ALL of those genres combined? it sounds stupid I know and most of the gamers know if you try to implement to many elements in the game it actually fails. Carrier Command was originally a game developed in 1988 by Realtime Games. A combination of a vehicle simulation and a real time strategy game, it was considered ahead of its time or a landmark of gaming as some people have said, and many players had video game orgasms spending dozens of hours in front of their ancient computers or video game consoles.

In 2012 Bohemia Interactive remade the original game and they didnt change a lot of things. Not that it is a bad thing since the original game was so praised.

The story is kind of interesting . It has been a while since the last time I played the game and since I only remember fractions of the story that means to me it wasnt noteworthy , considering that I have played games 5 years ago and I still remember what happened in the story, but I digress. So I will write in a few sentences the whole story.



Somewhere in the future two factions fight to control Earth and its resources, the United Earth Coalition (UEC) and the Asian Pacific Alliance (APA) (seriously with those names?). The APA was the winner but the planet got fucked up pretty bad from the conflict. Now Earth has limited or no fresh/drrinkable water reserves and the UEC is trying to change that and take Earth back. The whole game is taking place in a moon somewhere outside our Solar system. Its name is Taurus and has the same enviromental conditions as Earth along with abudant resources including drinkable water. The APA has already establiced infracture on the moon and UEC is trying to capture and secure it. Its a typical good guy versus bad guy conflict but I reallt cant understand who is who in this story.

carrier commandThe player has the role of a team commander who lands on the moon and tries to reunite with other UEC teams. But first they must capture a Carrier which is a capital ship capable of different tactical roles.

APA unfortunately for the UEC launches their own Carrier and a game of cat and mouse begins in an archipelago filled with 33 islands. Those islands need to be captured by the player and destroy the enemy carrier in order to win the game.

The story wont win a literature prize as we have seen similar stories before in games, books and movies. But the game offers some unique features especially to those who havent played the old Carrier Command before.


  1. can you imagine how a carrier like this would unbalance the military power worldwide?

  2. wow that game looks really great
    but why i ve never heard of it?

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