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Welcome everyone to the This Is The Police review. This Is The Police is a strategy and time management video game. It was developed by Weappy Studio and published by EuroVideo Medien. It is a video game about crime, corruption, intrigues, conspiracies, greed, power games.

The story takes place during the ’80s and the players assume the role of Jack Boyd, a police chief in the fictional city of Freeburg. Jack served the city for decades but now the mayor is forcing him to an early retirement. So Jack thinks about it and he decides that if he cant avoid it, this retirement is happening on his terms. He has 6 months or 180 days to save up 500.000 $ as a nice retirement pillow. This can happen by doing ”favors” for some local businessmen or use his connections to the local mafia. Evidence from crime scenes can be sold by the mafia for a nice bonus.

When the game begins after the cinematics the players see in the screen a big map of the city and its outskirts. This map will be what the players will look at and interact with 85% of the total ammount they will spend on the game. The police officers and the detectives of the Freeburg police department are divided into two shifts, shift A and shift B. Those shifts are taking turns for each day of the week. Further in the game a Swat team and a puddy wagon will be available for big and dangerous operations. As the game progresses the players can apply for bigger budget giving them the freedom to hire more officers, detectives and Swat teams.


The players have 10-30 seconds to respond after a crime is reported depending on the urgency of the crime. During that small time window they have to assess the severity of the crime and decide how many officers to send. Sending too many of them is a mistake beacaue there wont be enough officers left for the rest of the calls. Sending too few of them might end up to a failure, meaning the offenders may escape or the officers may die.

Thats the strategic element of the game and it can get pretty complicated.

This Is The Police relies very much on its story. As I said above the basic idea of the game is Jack Boyd to collect 500.000 $. Seriously thats the main goal. There is a counter on the top of the screen and everything. But then it makes you wonder. Why only 500.000$ ? Why not a million? Why not two millions? Jack has his reasons for sure, he isnt crazy. And I will allow the players to discover them on their own. What is intriguing is how the whole story unveils. Piece by piece. Jack is only a small fish in the lake. There are so many other big fish who want to eat him alive. So many greedy and power hungry people. Corrupt and rotten to the bone. And Jack is surrounded by them. The Mayor wants him out of the force and until then he treats the police as his personal security. Then the Mafia wants him on their payroll. The local gangs all of a sudden grew some balls and want to run the city making things harder and harder for Jack. And lets not forget the Labor Union harassing him constantly for his ”mistakes” (when its not actually his fault). Oh Jack if only it was that easy to be Chief of Police in that shithole you call a city.


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