Shogun 2 Total War Review

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Is Shogun 2 Total War worth playing Or is it another garbage?

Introduction In The Total War Series

Welcome to the Shogun 2 Total War Review. But before we start analyzing this video game, let me begin with a small introduction in the Total war series. How those games began and what is the philosophy behind them. The Total War series includes some of the greatest games in the industry so it is worth reading the intro. If you already know that stuff or you just don’t care then scroll down and continue with the second page.

For 14 years (article was written at 2014) the absolutely magnificent Total War series transformed a lot of casual gamers to hardcore gamers. Relationships got destroyed, social activity reduced to zero, eating habits and personal hygiene got a big hit. I remember it like it was yesterday when I got my first total war game.

Shogun : Total War was the first game of the series published at 2000. There is no other strategy video game to offer you such a huge variety of feelings and have such a huge impact in your life like Total War (and I mean all the total war games). So Creative Assembly after 10 years full of great hits ( and some garbage) in the Total War series decided to give us Total War Shogun 2.

Creative Assembly made their debut in the Total War series with Shogun: Total War. This game was planned to be a 2D but during its development they changed it into 3D. Although in 3D I have to admit that it was not one of the games with the best graphics. But graphics were irrelevant with the basic idea.

The developers wanted to create a game that would not please the eyes of the gamers but to challenge their minds. And so they did. In that game you have to use your forces wisely. The archers or the gunmen can run out of ammunition , the weather can affect the course of battle , the terrain and other little and big things which in reality are really important but in games most of the times get neglected, were implemented in the game. And above all this game has nothing to do with numbers, meaning no matter if you or your opponent have/has greater numbers you/he can still lose or win the battle. It depends how you use your units .

So 10 years later and after many total war games, what really changed ?

shogun 2 total war samuraiBetter graphics and animations is one thing. More detailed units , buildings and terrain. More sophisticated and complex AI and more challenging battles. The only thing that remained the same was the basic idea of strategy and tactics. The idea that made Total War series big hits and great success in no time .

shogun 2 general

Sun Wu or Sunzi or Sun Tzu was a Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher and is believed he wrote The Art Of War , a book about military strategy. His book has influenced not only China, but Japan and other Asian countries plus western civilization as well. The Art of War was introduced in Japan, in 760AD, and the book quickly became popular among Japanese generals. The work also significantly influenced the unification of Japan and mastery of its teachings was honored among the samurai.

All the total war games were created with a focus on historical authenticity. To achieve that they asked for advice and guidance from real military historians through the whole development of the games. The games are historically accurate as much as possible and you can fight many historically battles which is so freaking amazing. The greatest thing is when you win those battles. Battles that were lost in reality. Ok, ok a lot of variables are not calculated in the game so it is wrong saying that the in game battles are accurate simulations of the real ones. But still it feels so good.

So for a few years I thought that those animation designers, designed all those soldiers by hand with special animation programs. Well I still believe they are doing a great job but I discovered that nowadays, video game studios use REAL martial artists to perform all those complex fighting moves. Yup that’s right. Real martial artists wearing MOTION CAPTURE suits. That made me want to play even more and got me so much more excited ( I was less excited at my first date ).



  1. Its really funny how things change. people used to laugh with japan and their pathetic state but now look their position and look japan’s

  2. It seems a remarkable game maybe itry it

  3. I must tell you that it’s hard to find your posts in google

  4. The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as a lot as this 1. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I really thought youd have something intriguing to say. All I hear is actually a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy searching for attention.

  5. Peculiar article, totally what I was looking for.

  6. All should play a game like this

  7. Uesugi for eveeeeer

  8. can i have a samurai for a husband ? pretty pls?

  9. little skinny bitch

    thank you very much , are definitely the right words

  10. can i cook for you as a thank you?

  11. can i cook for you as a thank you?

  12. Apart from the enormous shogun 2 tw review, for which I thank you sir, I must say you have gathered some pretty beautiful pictures. Well done.

    • PsychoMegarian

      Thank you Diclain, thats the whole point. Not to write half assed reviews and give to the gamer what he/she needs when it comes to media conserning each and everysingle game.
      im a gamer this is how i like it and I beleieve this how other people like it.

  13. How you got the Datte clan?

    • PsychoMegarian

      Its one of the major clans. And a very enjoyble one. Their No-Dachi samurai are just incredible.

  14. Every now and then I find myself compelling to fight a few battles. Such an amazing game.

  15. Uesugi FTW !!! monks are the bane of our enemies !!! very very effective maybe even overpowered !!! great review.

    • PsychoMegarian

      Monks or geisha. Both are overpowered. Both are extremely effective. Monks can be used to easily capture a province without fighting its owner. Geishas can be used to assasinate generals and clan members, and they are more effective than ninjas.

  16. I love to read you have done a gret wotk psychomegarian.
    Now about Shogun 2 TW. Chosokabe is according to mho the most newbie friendly clan in the game. I ncreased farm income and cheap and superior archers. Plus they are on an island making the invasion harder.

    • PsychoMegarian

      Thank u justin

      Chosokabe was the first clan i tried , cause their clan traits are just unbeatable for someone starting out with this game. But when i knew how everything worked i tried other more challenging clans, chosokabe became too easy for me.

  17. If it is historically accurate and they met the enemy outside the castles, because it was more honorable, then they were morons. Why have castles on the first place if they would fight on the field.

  18. The Takeda clan was my favorite. So many great battle. Very informative and detailed shogun 2 total war review.

  19. I think you said somewhere that dead soldiers dissapeared and then you said it was due to low settings in graphics? I want to confirm that. Low settings make dead soldiers to dissapear in order to not strain the your hardware.

  20. wonderful website, i bookmarked it for future reviews. you are writing more reviews right?

    • PsychoMegarian

      Of course im writing more. I ve been absent due to major family problems and during that time video game reviews and gaming in general werent even in my lowest priorities.
      But im back, i have a notebook full of game review notes so i will TRY to post one every week, i have to make up for the lost time plus some wonderful games are coming out this year.

  21. Loved it, bookmarked it, i want more , give me some more

  22. The Datte clan wasnt in the retail version? Where you got it?

  23. I cant stop playing Shogun 2 total war, I have played more games than I can count and still im not bored of it.

  24. Raitissisruct

    Great review even greater game !!! Shogun 2 Total War rules !!!

  25. Is there something you havent already talked about? Geat job you Psycho.

  26. I thought there were less clans in the game. Awesomeness all over the place

  27. you couldn’t see the bodies because you had low settings. with a better pc you will be able to increase your settings and boom there you are dead bodies everywhere

  28. Rainman says, you awesome. Rainman says reviews are too long and tiring.

  29. I m the first one here? Ok , its cool. First of all I love how you are consistent with the amazing presentation and detail in your articles. Secondly I adore the fact you are not a poser. Most of the people might know that is totally true, but I ve been following you on the internet since your first reviews back on 2011…keep up the good job !!!

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