XCOM 2 Review

 xcom 2 review

Is XCOM 2 Overestimated Or Worthy Of Attention ?


Welcome everyone to the XCOM 2 Review. XCOM 2 was developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games. It is a turn basd strategy video game. The gameplay is divided into two parts. At the strategic map where the player builds up his/her base, develops technologies, manufactures equipment, looking for new missions and planning the best next move. The other part of the game is more tactical. The players take their soldiers to the battlefield to fight the aliens and complete story objectives.

The XCOM series has a long history dated back to 1994 where the first ”XCOM” game – UFO : Enemy Unknown – published and it was a huge success. The ”XCOM” franchise is a collection of science fiction games where the basic idea is the aliens attack the Earth and the players must defend it fighting in the whole world. Nowadays this idea is far from original and it has been overused so much over the years. But back then it was very popular and not saturated. More games followed, but at some point they stopped. But it created a cult fanbase, plus many future video games were influenced, resulting in many clones and remakes. The franchise rebooted with XCOM : Enemy Unknown. The basic classic gameplay was the same, adding some features during the development. In fact not much was changed from the original game but mostly the graphics were upgraded greatly (as the devs claimed).

XCOM 2 picks up from the events of the last game. Twenty years have passed and the invaders have made themselves at home. In the first game they were working from the shadows, and the biggest part of the population had absolutely no idea what was going on. But now the aliens have established a planetary government called the Advent. The people of the earth lost the war. And it was bad. All the countries were overrun within hours. The XCOM project was terminated and most of the council members surrendered . Some of the XCOM operatives went into hiding but others just stopped fighting as they thought it was completely pointless. But those who went hiding continued preparing by creating a resistance movement. They gathered supplies and loyal members in many countries and continued hiding , watching and gathering intel until they made their first official appearance. The tutorial mission is an attack in a gene bank where the commander of XCOM:EU is held captive in a stasis pod (something like a drug induced comma) . After he is rescued the game begins unfolding.


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  2. good review but it could be shorter

  3. I agree with most of what you said but i totally disagree with the time consuming thing. Yes some mission can become quite lengthy if you play it safe. But the overall game can be finished very quickly if you focus on the game missions. But dont expect having the best equipment at the final mission.Still its doable.

  4. I agree it could be better, but it was quite an enjoyable game.

  5. Very,very but very good review. Very detailed and it was a good read like I was drinking my tea. I had some doubts about it but now after I’ve read your review I m gonna check it out, when the price will drop.

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